Hello British Columbia!

First steps – no matter how small – are often exciting, seeming full of promise and possibility.  They are also often a bit like peering through a newly-opened door.  One can’t help but wonder what unexpected discovery might be around one of those corners out there!

Posting this first entry on the BC Distance Family Mediation Blog feels very much like one of those first steps.  Exciting and brimming with possibilities, it also raises endless questions about what we might discover about the new field of technology-assisted family mediation with the help of you, the great people of British Columbia.

Whether you are personally going through separation or divorce in the province, or are a family mediator, lawyer or other professional who serves British Columbian families, or you simply have an interest in technology-assisted mediation, we hope you will join us in this blog as we take our next steps to explore what is around the corner for distance mediation!

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