Meet the Distance Family Mediation team

If there is one thing that can be said about mediation – any kind of mediation – it’s that it is all about people.  People in conflict, people with concerns they are finding difficult to sort through alone, people who want to resolve legal or other issues so they can move on with their lives.

It is also about the people who conduct the mediations.  And this is where I have the privilege of introducing the very fine people who make up the Distance Family Mediation team of mediators!  There are seven of them in total.  Four are private practice mediators and members of Mediate BC’s Family Roster:

Jane Henderson, Q.C.
Carole McKnight
Eugene Raponi, Q.C.
Ronald Smith, Q.C.

Three are Family Justice Counsellors, employed by the province of British Columbia, offering distance mediation services through the Family Justice Centres they work at:

Christina Bahr
Peter Baines
Ayne Meiklem

Not only is this group of seven very experienced in mediation, they are also interesting thinkers.  If you follow this blog, you’ll be seeing where some of their thoughts lead!


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  1. Hi,

    I dealt with Peter Baines a while back. I would like to talk with him in regards to some issues, but have lost his card. Just wondering if it would be possible to get a contact number that he could be reached at.

    Manuel Colorado

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