Reason #3 to use distance family mediation: Less time behind the wheel = More time for you

Math isn’t my forte, but the equation in the title is one I’m confident about.

When you use technology to participate in mediation, there is suddenly little need to get into your car and travel to meet with the mediator and your ex – or, heaven forbid, to go to court to resolve your issues. The time savings are potentially enormous. Let’s say, for example, that the mediator’s office is 45 minutes away by car. You go there for a pre-mediation session, followed by three mediation sessions. Then, one more trip to do some finalizing of the Memorandum of Understanding. As I said, math isn’t my forte but this simple scenario seems to add up to 7 ½ hours of just sitting behind the wheel of your car.

Those hours behind the wheel are ones you could be spending on you, on what makes your world go ‘round. It could be time spent playing with your children or grandchildren. In 7 1/2 hours, you could take a sky diving class, brush up on the latest version of Tetris or watch Lawrence of Arabia (twice). If your interests lean towards the epicurean, you could learn how to make your favorite dessert… and still have enough time left to walk off the calories resulting from the obligatory taste tests!

Photo credit:  “Ice cream sandwichy” by eliasizzle

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