Reason #4 to use distance family mediation: Less time behind the wheel = More money for you

Today’s price for regular gas is a breath-taking 129.5 cents per litre.  This is at the little gas station near where I live on beautiful Vancouver Island.  The price in your area might be even higher.

It’s undoubtedly stating the obvious to say that driving – in fact, any kind of travelling, it seems – is becoming frightfully expensive.  I’m not going to attempt to apply the figures from my last post to tell you how much money you could save by not driving 7 ½ hours to attend mediations in person, but my guess is that the savings would be pretty substantial.

So, if the opportunity to not have to drive somewhere is starting to make financial sense to you, then you may find the idea of using distance family mediation to be quite attractive.  I imagine, like me, you must have a million and one more important things you could spend money on than gas!

Photo:  “Gassing up at The General” by Susanna Jani

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