Reason #8 to use distance family mediation: It provides “distance” from your former spouse or partner

Recently I connected with an elderly friend who I’ll refer to here as “B”.  Our conversation, as to be expected, eventually came around to the topic of what I’ve been up to workwise.  B’s immediate response, when I told him about the distance family mediation service, was striking:  “I wish they’d had this type of service when I went through my divorce,” he said, “because I couldn’t be in the same room with my ex-wife.  It was just too stressful trying to talk in person.  We couldn’t get anything resolved.”

When I say his comment was striking, it is because it so clearly captures what I have heard from people countless times.  It is well known, of course, that divorce and marital separation are consistently ranked in research as being among life’s most stressful events, surpassed only by the death of a spouse.  Being face-to-face in the same room with their former spouse or partner, to discuss the terms of their separation or divorce, can even further – and sometimes dramatically – compound this stress for some people.

By allowing people to use technology to meet from different locations, distance mediation can provide some very helpful physical and psychological “distance”.  As B pointed out, in his case this would have given him and his ex-wife an opportunity to focus on the issues they were facing – rather than on managing the stress that came from being together in the same room.  If you think this type of distance might be helpful to you and your former spouse or partner, you can find more information about our technology-assisted mediation at:

Photo credit:  “Pareja (couple)” by Daquella manera

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