Reason #9 to use distance family mediation: Save paper, save trees

Another obvious reason to mediate from a distance, using technology, is how it can cut back on your paper consumption.

Many of the documents you need to have on hand for mediation needn’t be printed when you participate in distance mediation. For example, if you are mediating using a text-based platform, documents can remain in electronic format.  If videoconferencing is the mode, chances are the mediator will post the necessary documents on the whiteboard, or share them on his/her desktop, for you to see.  Even in telephone mediations, you can save paper by viewing the documents right from your computer, rather than printing them off.

This makes for an easy equation which requires no further elaboration – and one that applies to everyone participating in the mediation, including the mediator:  Distance mediation = Less paper = More trees.

Photo: “Cedar in Cedar” by Susanna Jani

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