The rewards of paying attention

It seems like there is nothing like being the object of attention to make a person sit up and pay attention.

Last week I had the privilege of experiencing a stellar example of this phenomenon.  It happened Friday afternoon, with the unexpected arrival of an e-mail from  “Congratulations!” it began. “We have been watching your blog, and have chosen to add you as a Featured Blogger!”

For those of you who are not familiar with the immensely popular website, it is home to a vast number of mediation-related resources, including articles and videos by some of the leading figures in dispute resolution (over 5,000 items, according to the site), mediation news and events, mediator listings, and… specially selected blog posts… at  Needless to say, to be told our relatively new Distance Family Mediation blog had been added as a Featured Blog completely caught my attention.

More interestingly, though, it made me suddenly pay attention to’s blog page in a way I had never done before.

And, quite a page it is.  Rather than blogging themselves, it seems that’s approach is to feature blog posts they have selected as being the week’s best.  If the past week’s list of posts is any indication, they do an amazing job in making this selection.  Here is a roundup of these posts along with pointers to the blogs they were taken from:

What have I concluded from this?  Something you, the reader, likely already knows.  Needing external prompts to jolt me into paying attention is causing me to miss jewels that are right in front of me.  Paying attention – really paying attention to what is in front of my eyes – brings its own rich rewards and is well worth putting effort into mastering as a skill unto itself.  After all, it is only because of attention that I now have a lot of very fine blog reading to look forward to (and that I’ve discovered there is such a thing as an audio blog. wow, what a great tool).


Photo credit:  Eye by Michele Catania

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