Unsure where to start? A handful of separation and divorce resources to get you going

For many people, going through separation or divorce can be truly overwhelming.  In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying that, for many, the experience can be brutally overwhelming.

This is not the case just emotionally, psychologically and financially.  Divorce and separation can also be mentally overwhelming.  At least, it was for me.  As someone going through the process for the first time, I found that the amount of new information I had to sift through in order to make even slightly intelligent and responsible decisions appeared to be limitless, as was the information’s ubiquitousness.  Books, articles, guidelines, government publications, non-profit pamphlets, websites, support groups, classes, videos (and, nowadays, even Twitter) – dealing with everything from how to communicate with my ex-spouse to how to select the right professional for my situation – all seemed lined up on a trail with no end, each one offering information to help me.

With so much information about separation and divorce available, where does a person start?  Which resources are the best?  Which are trustworthy?  Easy to understand?  Thorough, without burying you alive with detail?  How do you know they aren’t just self-promoting schlock?

Curious about what our distance mediation team members have come up with, after years of working with separating and divorcing couples, I asked them which resources they most commonly recommend to their family clients. Here, in no particular order, are their top picks:   

  • Justice Education Society of BC’s perennially favorite website, Families Change, with information on parental separation and divorce for kids and children

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start looking for information, I hope our picks will help you get going in the right direction.

Photo credit:  “Weather Vane 4” by Syncop8ted (CC license)

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