An Advent Calendar of tips to help you make the most of your family mediation

I’ve loved Advent Calendars ever since receiving my first one at the age of five.  There just doesn’t seem to be anything comparable to the experience of not knowing what is behind each of those tightly-fastened little doors and the delightful torment of having to wait a whole day to open the next one.

So, it seems fitting to celebrate my first December of blogging about distance mediation by giving you my own, special version of the Advent Calendar.  Since I can’t give you one with chocolates or other treats hidden behind the doors, as you very obviously deserve, I’m going to give you one I hope you will agree is almost as good… and is definitely less fattening.

To help count down the days before Christmas, I’m going to post a mediation tip for you every day between now and then.  And, these aren’t going to be just ordinary tips.  They are from our wonderful distance mediation team members – meant to help those of you who are going through a separation or divorce make the most of your family mediation experience.

The Calendar’s first mediation tip comes tomorrow.  That’s a whole day away.  I can hardly wait!

Photo credit:  “Advent Calendar” by *starrynight1 (CC license)

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