Celebrating being Clawbied in 2011

It occurred to me as I sat down at my desk, this first work morning after New Year’s Eve, that some of you may be in the mood to continue celebrating.  If you are, and you are looking for a socially acceptable reason to do so, I may have one for you:  the 2011 CLawBies (Canadian Law Blog Awards).

The CLawBies list of blogs – winners, runner-ups and nominees – has certainly left me celebrating.  The writing talent, depth of intellect and open expression of the diversity of views that we have in Canada’s legal community are truly impressive.  Whatever your area of interest – from personal injury (congratulations to Erik Magraken!) to public legal education (way to go, ClickLaw!) – we’ve got it all.  I raise my glass to the many extraordinary bloggers who were Clawbied or came close to being Clawbied in 2011!

And, if you look at the CLawBies list closely, you may notice that our Distance Family Mediation blog placed as a runner-up in the Best New Blogs category, alongside Slater Vecchio Connected.  Our most sincere thanks for this unexpected honour go to the CLawBies judges – Simon Fodden of Slaw fame, Jordan Furlong and the always awesome Steve Matthews – as well as the other folks at Stem Legal who worked so hard to organize the awards.

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