WANTED: Separated parents of children 18 or over

Today’s post is a hot-off-the-press announcement about a brand new mediation initiative of Mediate BC Society.  The announcement has been graciously provided by the initiative’s project managers, Shelina Neallani and Yuki Matsuno:

There are a rising number of young adults who are unable to leave the nest; “failure to launch” scenarios seem to be prevalent around us.  Historically, children of separated parents were less likely to obtain a post secondary education.  This led to legislation providing for the support of children until the age of 19, and beyond if the child remained a “child of the marriage” – within the meaning of the Divorce Act.  Reasons for this included a child’s inability to become self-supporting due to the pursuit of higher education.

An exciting new mediation project is underway to assist separated parents and their adult child to get on the same page – discussing and agreeing on an educational plan and financial support for the adult child.  In addition, the project will also be examining interest based and evaluative techniques used in mediation.   

See the announcement below and don’t hesitate to contact the project if you or someone you know could benefit from this mediation.  And stay tuned for updates!

Launching young adults into their next phase of life

Wanted:  Separated parents of children 18 or over

With the generous support of the Law Foundation of British Columbia, and in partnership with the Director of Maintenance Enforcement, Mediate BC is pleased to announce the Child Support Eligibility Mediation Project (CSEMP).

This project offers free mediation services to separated parents of children who are 18 and over. The main focus of the mediation is to provide an opportunity for parents and adult children to come up with an educational plan to launch their child into the next exciting phase of their life.

With the involvement of the adult child, the mediation may also assist parents in discussing how to support their child and the options for that support and special expenses.

The project mediators are experienced family law mediators who are members of the Mediate BC Family Mediator Roster and are accredited as Family Law Mediators by the Law Society of British Columbia.

Please note:

  • Mediations will be conducted in person, over the telephone, or using other distance mediation technology as suitable for the parties and the mediator, following appropriate screening.
  • Project mediators will use a range of mediation techniques, ranging from interest-based facilitative techniques to evaluative techniques, to help the parties reach an agreement.
  • Project mediators will also ensure that the voice of the adult child is heard in the mediation in a way that is appropriate for each individual case.
  • Parties will be required to participate in the project evaluation.

Referrals are being accepted now. Mediation sessions will be conducted starting March 19, 2012. Because the project is funded for a limited number of cases, make sure you refer your case early on to confirm a spot.

For referrals, or for more information on the project, please contact Shelina Neallani (shelina.neallani@mediatebc.com) or Yuki Matsuno (yuki.matsuno@mediatebc.com).

Photo credit:  “School of Education Books” by William and Mary Law Library  (CC license)

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