“ODR: Making the ‘Green in the Machine’ Work for You” – A Free ADRHub Webinar for ODR Practitioners

If you’ve been patient enough to follow me on this blog, Twitter or Facebook, you will likely have seen my comments about a fabulous paper, “ODR: The Next Green Giant”, which was recently published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly.  (You can also download it here for free.)

As if it isn’t exciting enough to have a paper addressing the important topic of ODR’s environmental advantage, there is a follow-up webinar on the way, hosted by the Werner Institute’s ADRHub.  How groovy is that!  And, the paper’s brilliant author, Noam Ebner, and his equally brilliant co-author, Colleen Getz, have kindly invited yours truly to join them for their presentation – in my case, to talk about the “green lens” used by our Distance Mediation Project during its previous phase.  Woohoo!

The webinar will be on May 14th, 3:00 – 4:00 pm (Pacific Daylight Time).  Amazingly, it’s free!  It is also available to everyone – until the seats run out, virtually, of course.  You can register for the webinar at: http://adrhubmay2012-estw.eventbrite.com.

Here is a description of what we’ll be talking about:

ODR:  Making the “Green in the Machine” Work for You 

A Presentation by Noam Ebner, Colleen Getz, and Susanna Jani

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is becoming widely accepted, with its proponents pointing out the advantages that harnessing the power of the Internet offers to dispute resolution. These benefits include enhanced flexibility, expertise, and accessibility, as well as reduced costs, time-investment and travel.  One clear benefit of ODR which has not been spotlighted, however, is the environmental advantage which ODR enjoys over any other form of dispute resolution.

In this webinar, we will explore the nature and value of this advantage, presenting case studies which illustrate how significant this advantage is. We will also address the fundamental question of ‘What’s in it for us?’.  Benefit to the planet aside – what do ODR practitioners, and the ODR field, stand to gain from spotlighting ODR’s environmental aspects? And – what might we do in order to achieve these gains?

If you find this topic as interesting as I do, I hope you’ll join Noam, Colleen and me.  Even if you don’t think it’s the cat’s meow, it would be great fun for you and I to chat about it at the webinar, don’t you think?

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  1. For those of you who are interested in this topic, but missed the webinar, ADRhub has posted the archived version of it on their website at: http://www.adrhub.com/forum/topics/adrhub-webinar-may-12-making-the-green-in-the-machine-work-for-yo. Thank you to the unfailingly gracious Bryan Hanson, Assistant Director at the Werner Institute, for his help with making the webinar go so smoothly. And, thank you to the great Noam Ebner for making it all happen…:)

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