Szervusz, British Columbia!

The word “szervusz” — used to say both “goodbye” and “hello” in Hungarian — seems especially fitting today.

This is the last regular post for the Distance Family Mediation Blog, and a goodbye from our distance mediation team.  More importantly, it is also the beginning of a new, sibling blog — the BC Mediation Blog — and a big hello from the folks at Mediate BC Society who are behind that blog.

Lucky us!  Most of the Society’s staff are experienced mediators, full of fascinating ideas and information about dispute resolution.  I can’t wait to see their posts, and hope you will join me in following their blog.

And, what about our distance mediation service?

While it is no longer being offered under the auspices of the Distance Family Mediation Project, our crackerjack private practice mediators — all of whom are on Mediate BC’s Family Roster — are ready, willing and able to chat with you about how they will be offering their own distance mediation services.  Just click on their names below to find out how to contact them:

Jane Henderson, Q.C.
Carole McKnight
Eugene Raponi, Q.C.
Ronald Smith, Q.C.

Our Project partner, the Ministry of Justice’s Family Justice Services Division will continue to offer distance mediation services through a select number of offices and Family Justice Counsellors.  To find an appropriate distance mediation Family Justice Counsellor, and for a referral to this service, you can call the Family Justice Centre nearest to you.

As for the rest of us on the distance mediation team, we will be awaiting the results of our service’s formal evaluation, expected to be available during the fall of 2012.  You’ll be able to get a copy of the evaluation report on the BC Mediation Blog at that time.  Another reason you’ll want to be following it!

You’ve been a great group of readers, and we thank each and every one of you who read, followed, commented or shared our posts over the past year.

Szervusz, British Columbia!

Photo by Susanna Jani

*  *  *

April 8, 2013 update:  Mediate BC Society has recently released the evaluation report for this – the third – phase of the Distance Family Mediation Project!  You can find it on Mediate BC’s website page, Mediating at a Distance.

November 22, 2012 update:  On November 14, 2012, Mediate BC Society announced the release of the Distance Family Mediation Project’s second edition of “Mediating from a Distance: Suggested Practice Guidelines for Family Mediators“.  More information is available in the Society’s news release.

3 thoughts on “Szervusz, British Columbia!”

  1. Susanna, I can’t believe the Distance Mediation Project is drawing to a close! You and the rest of the project team are to be commended for having made a huge contribution — not just in family mediation, but to the larger fields of alternate dispute resolution and on-line dispute resolution.

    Your legacy will live on. Thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done!

  2. Thank you from all of us on the Project team for your kind words, Colleen. You’ve certainly been one of our favorite readers — we always looked forward to receiving your thoughtful comments, ever since you began following our blog. Many thanks also for the two wonderful posts you provided to us!

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