Volunteers Are a Big Part of Mediate BC’s Success

As April is Volunteer Recognition month, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have volunteered their time on behalf of Mediate BC in the past year. By participating in our public events and writing for our blog, volunteers have put in many hours to help educate the public about mediation as an option in a variety of contexts.

Volunteering is an enriching experience for everyone involved. Members of the public are learning about mediation as an option to help them effectively deal with the conflict that inevitably enters their lives and workplaces. Other organizations learn about resources to provide to their clients who experience conflict. Mediate BC benefits enormously as you help us provide a much broader public outreach than we could otherwise. Finally, volunteering helps the volunteers themselves to promote their practices, to connect with other mediators, and to provide a real value to the public.

We have had volunteer participation for many years and in the past year we stepped up our game significantly in providing volunteer opportunities tors at events to mark Conflict Resolution Week and Family Day.

I hope that we can provide even more opportunities in the coming year. Keep an eye out calls for volunteers in our newsletters if you would like to get involved, and if you have ideas for new avenues for Mediate BC and our Roster Mediators to support your organization or community through volunteering, please get in touch!

Thank you to our 2014/2015 volunteers! We appreciate your generosity and support.

Rahul Aggarwal
Rebecca Alleyne
Grace Baker
Nancy Baker
Audra Bayer
Sheila Begg
Kathleen Bellamano
Fazal Bhimji
Patsy Bourassa
George Brose
Catherine Brink
Colleen Cattell
Bev Churchill
Mike Collyer
Anouk Crawford
Jen Crawford
Julie Daum
Jamie Elrington
Jenn Errico
Jory Faibish
Gary Fitzpatrick
Brian Gibbard
Bob Groves
Neil Hain
Leanne Harder
Brenda Hooper
Darrin Hotte
Kyra Hudson
Doug Husband
Roy Johnson
Sandra Kahle
Darlene Kavka
Sharon Kelly
Vivian Kerenyi
Aurora Johannson
Wendy Lakusta
Michael Lomax
Yuki Matsuno
Sandy Milne
Ron Monk
Elaine McCormack
Julia Menard
Liza Miles
Dan Miller
Kevin Moye
Liana Murphy
Bill Murphy-Dyson
Leslie Palleson
Shelina Neallani
Viola Neufeld
Alex Ning
Chris Ortner
Emily Pos
Janko Predovic
John Radford
Karen Redmond
Amy Robertson
Christiaan Rothman
Marlene Russo
Elise Schopper-Brigel
Colleen Selby
Shamim Shivji
Ron Smith
Susan Smith
Donna Soules
Norm Smookler
Colin Spencer
Sharon Sutherland
Paul Taberner
Yannie Tai
Tammy Van Hinte
Lori Williams
Ben Ziegler


I would also like to recognize our Board of Directors and members of our Roster Committee, all of whom serve on a volunteer basis. Their guidance and oversight is invaluable to Mediate BC. These are time-consuming and intense volunteer roles that provide an enormous benefit to all of us in the mediation community.Thank you to all the current and past Directors and Roster Committee members who served Mediate BC over the past year:

Board of Directors
• Peter Behie, Board Chair
• Gail Bedard
• Judge Andrea Brownstone
• Ian Doddington
• Brian Gibbard
• Jean Greatbatch
• Bill Keen
• Michael Lomax
• Jane Morley
• Wayne Plenert
• Judge Donna Senniw
• Paul Taberner
Roster Committee
• Sheila Begg
• Nick de Domenico
• Arlene Henry
• Carol Hickman
• Michael Lomax
• Wayne Plenert

Thank you all!

Monique Steensma
CEO, Mediate BC

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