On Co-Mediation: A Short Series Introduction

Today’s guest blogger is Monique Steensma, CEO of Mediate BC.
This is the first post in our “On Co-Mediation” series. Read the other posts here:

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Monique Steensma
Monique Steensma

In mediation, as with many fields, getting practical experience is essential for building a practice. Mediate BC has supported mediators in gaining this experience for many years through various programs, and one of the surprising factors that we hear about is how co-mediation benefits the more experienced mediator as well as the newly trained mediator.

In co-mediation the two mediators work as a team, and in most cases one of the co-mediators is more experienced than the other. Co-mediation is not an observation process; the less experienced mediator is an active part of the team, and usually takes on more and more responsibility in the process as he or she gains experience.

Over the next few months, we will be presenting a series about co-mediation here that will include:

  • Senior civil and family mediators who have co-mediated with less experienced mediators will share their stories about these experiences.
  • A very experienced mentor will discuss the business rationale for co-mediating as well as the practical aspects of co-mediation such as fees and presenting the concept to clients.
  • A recap of what we learned about co-mediation during our Child Protection Mediator Co-mediation Project.

We are not oblivious to the fact that some mediators have concerns about co-mediating; however, we believe that these concerns should be considered in balance with the potential benefits. With this series, we hope to create a broad understanding about the co-mediation process, so that mediators can consider the benefits and drawbacks if they are asked to co-mediate.

Please join in the discussion as we move through the series and share your experiences, questions and concerns about co-mediation.

[Editor’s note: Many of the posts in this series refer to the personal experiences of the author. When considering applying to a Mediate BC Roster, please be sure to review the requirements at mediatebc.com.]

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