Thank You Volunteers!

BC is really blessed with a generous and engaged dispute resolution community. One doesn’t have to look far to find DR professionals giving their time and talents to a variety of projects.

By participating in our public awareness events, contributing to this blog, engaging in peer training opportunities, or shaping the direction of professional DR standards in BC, volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to make mediation effective and accessible. Volunteering is an enriching experience for everyone involved.

We look forward to continuing to increase the ways in which we engage with our community and offer more opportunities to become involved. Keep an eye out for volunteers calls in our newsletters. If you have ideas for new ways Mediate BC and Roster Mediators can support your organization or volunteering, please get in touch!

As April is volunteer recognition month, we wanted to end it with a heartfelt thank you to our 2015-2016 volunteers. We appreciate your spirit of generosity and support!

Rahul Aggarwal
Lisa Alexander
Rebecca Alleyne
Pater Altridge
Nigel Argent
Lisa Arora
Grace Baker
Sheila Begg
Kathleen Bellamano
Annina Bernardo
Fazal (Fuzz) Bhimji
Joan Braun
Jereme Brooks
Debbie Cameron
Nancy Cameron
Colleen Cattell
Matt Chritchley
Bev Churchill
Anouk Crawford
Jenifer Crawford
Tim Cullen
Sarah Daitch
Nicholette D’Angelo
Julie Daum
Nick de Domenico
Ina Ergasheva
Jory Faibish
Bob Finlay
Rob Finlay
Gary Fitzpatrick
Katherine Fraser
Carrie Gallant
Nicole Garton
Brian Gibbard
Deborah Giunio-Zorkin
Martin Golder
Leanne Harder
Brandon Hastings
Richard Horne
Darrin Hotte
Jennifer Hubbard
Kyra Hudson
Paul Jacks
Lindsay Jardine
Aurora Johannson
Noriko Kawaguchi
Wendy Lakusta
Bill Larose
Laura Matthews
Shelina Neallani
Alex Ning
Chris Ortner
Preston Parsons
Ella Pearle
Robin Phillips
Wayne Plenert
Emily Pos
Bobbi Poushinsky
Janko Predovic
Donna Rintoul
Amy Robertson
Adam Rollins
Marlene Russo
Jaime Sarophim
Richard Scott
Glenn Sigurdson
Maria Silva
Richard Singer
Ronald J. Smith
Susan Smith
Donna Soules
Colleen Spier
Sharon Sutherland
Paul Taberner
Yannie Tai
Janine Thomas
Tammy Van Hinte
Catherine Watson
Michael Welsh
Lori Williams


We’d also like to thank our Board of Directors and Roster Committee who all serve on a volunteer basis. These time-consuming and intense roles provide invaluable guidance and oversight to Mediate BC. Thank you!

Board of Directors

  • Brian Gibbard
  • Wayne Plenert
  • Jane Morley
  • Bill Keen
  • Gayle Bedard
  • Judge Andrea Brownstone
  • Lori Charvat
  • Paul Taberner
Roster Committee

  • Wayne Plenert
  • Carol W. Hickman
  • Arlene H. Henry
  • Nick de Domenico
  • Angela Stadel
  • Richard N. Stewart


Thank you all so much!


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