Sliding Scale Family Mediation Project Revised Scale

Mediate BC has made some important changes to the sliding scale used in the Sliding Scale Family Mediation Project (SSP) making it more accessible to the families that need it.

These changes come from recommendations made in a recent evaluation of Mediate BC’s Family Mediation Services and Sliding Scale Family Mediation Project by the Law Foundation, which generously funds the SSP.

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The Sliding Scale Family Mediation Project helps people undergoing separation and divorce access the services of a private family mediator at a cost that is customized to their financial situation. Mediate BC is committed to helping families resolve their issues through a full spectrum of out-of-court options.

Similar to how the movement toward unbundled legal services recognize the capacity of many families to afford some legal services but not comprehensive service[1], the SSP is designed to help provide family mediation services for those able and willing to pay for service, but not able to afford the full market-rate.

How has the sliding scale changed?

  • Mediate BC Sliding Scale Family Mediation Project Revised ScaleThe new sliding scale only looks at joint income and no longer takes fixed assets into consideration. The Family Mediation Coordinator has discretion to conduct individual income assessment should she deem joint income assessment inappropriate on a case by case basis.
  • The new sliding scale includes a greater degree of gradation. Having more rungs on the ladder decreases the size of the cost-steps and will make for better fits with each family’s unique financial situation.
  • Other important factors that were considered when updating the scale include the median family income in BC, the average hourly market rate for family mediators, the average total cost of a completed family mediation, etc.

Contact the Family Mediation Coordinator with questions, feedback or for more information at

[Update April 2017: Due to funding changes, Mediate BC is no longer able to provide this service. For those seeking sliding scale or low cost mediation services, Mediate BC staff will be pleased to assist you at or 604-684-1300/1-877-656-1300.]

[1] Learnings From the Demographic Data on Litigants Without Counsel – J.P Boyd

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