Facilitators at the Heart of the Civil Resolution Tribunal

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) has posted for multiple positions as Case Managers and Senior Case Managers – an exciting development!

Civil Resolution TribunalShould people need assistance in resolving their conflicts beyond the self-help Solution Explorer, they then have the option of engaging with a facilitator.

These new roles facilitate discussions and pursue consensual resolution of the identified issues, and where necessary prepare people for adjudication and determine the method of the hearing, and make final decisions. These roles present excellent options for experienced civil and strata mediators.

Facilitators are at the heart of the CRT’s goal of building justice processes around the needs of the public. CRT facilitators support and empower those with conflicts to find consensual resolutions which work for everyone.

– Shannon Salter, Chair of the Civil Resolution Tribunal

Applications for full-time positions with the CRT must be received by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, November 22.

For more information about the positions and how to apply, click the links below.

This is an exciting development with the CRT and the role mediators will play in providing high quality dispute resolution services to the public in BC.

ODR tools for kids?

The use of technology is definitely increasing in the conflict resolution field. In BC, ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) is a key component of the Civil Resolution Tribunal, MyLawBC and the Mediate BC ODR Pilot (Robson Square small claims disputes). We expect that the younger generation will adopt these tools more readily than older folks (with some exceptions of course!) so a good question is:

How are we engaging with young people to assist them to engage with conflict in a healthy way using technology?

OTTER - Online Dispute Resolution for Kids
OTTER – Online Dispute Resolution for Kids

A new platform has been developed by Kelly Sorbera and Alec Go especially for kids. It is called OTTER, “an award-winning online dispute resolution (ODR) solution that includes an “automated mediator” and other dispute resolution tools to help kids resolve conflicts.” OTTER was originally presented at ODR2014 where it was awarded 1st place in the Tech For Justice Hackathon. Check out the description and information video here.

You will note that OTTER was seeking backing through Kickstarter, but did not achieve its funding goal. Mediate BC is not endorsing this product but we think it is definitely worth taking a look to see what the future might hold!

  • What do you think about OTTER?
  • Do you think early awareness and education for children about effective conflict engagement is important?
  • How do you think technology can assist?
  • What dispute resolution projects are you involved with for children and youth? Is technology playing a critical role?

Share in the comments below!

Distance Mediation Practice Guidelines Published in French

We are very pleased to advise that the Comite Des Organismes Accrediteurs en Mediation Familiale (Quebec) has published on its website a translated version of Mediate BC’s Distance Mediation Practice Guidelines.

These guidelines were a key deliverable from our Distance Mediation Project, a six-year research initiative funded by the Law Foundation of BC, that explored the use of technology-assisted family mediation (focusing on separation and divorce issues).  Find out more about the Distance Mediation Project here.