Reason #2 to use distance family mediation: You can wear your slippers

On the face of it, this may sound very flippant.  But, the reality is that a great advantage of mediating from a distance, using technology, is that you can participate in the process while in your own home.  You can wear what is comfortable for you (for me, it’s those moose slippers), sit in the chair you like best, drink coffee out of your favourite mug, and gaze out your own window.  You can remain in that space you have created for yourself.

For many people the prospect of meeting with their former or current spouse or partner, to resolve issues or concerns coming out of their split-up, is a stressful one. Participating in mediation from the creature comforts of your own personal space can go a long way towards reducing that stress.

Photo:  “Moose at Home” by Susanna Jani

Reason #1 to use distance family mediation: Technology really can help close the distance

Most obvious as a good reason to use distance mediation, compared to traditional in-person mediation, is how it eliminates the difficulties created by physical distance and other travel barriers like rain, fog and snow – all too familiar in British Columbia these days.

Sometimes, travel to mediation isn’t just difficult; distance makes it virtually impossible.  For example, if you live in Tofino and your ex lives in Fort St. James, you may both find travelling to a mediator for mediation sessions simply isn’t realistic.

By using technology – be it videoconferencing with your computer, phone or text-style communications – you can “get to” the mediation without travelling.  It really can close the distance between you, your ex and the mediator.

Photo: “Gulf Islands Aerial” by Susanna Jani